Our Products

Entire range of Basic Dyes along with solvent dyes, Acid Dyes Due to our ongoing emphasis on sustainable development, Indian Dyestuff Industry has formed production and marketing alliances with reputable dyestuff and chemical suppliers. This has allowed us to provide a wide variety of dyes and auxiliary products that are focused on cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Reactive Dyes

Reactive dyes utilise chromophores attached to substituents that are capable of reacting directly with the fiber. The covalent bonds of reactive dyes with natural fibers make reactive dye the most permanent dye. Reactive dyes are the best choice for dyeing cotton and other cellulosic fibers in homes or art studios.

Type of Reactive Dye

Direct Dye

Direct dye, also called Substantive Dye, any of a class of coloured, water-soluble compounds that have an affinity for fibre and are taken up directly, such as the benzidine derivatives. Direct dyes are usually cheap and easily applied, and they can yield bright colours. Wash-fastness is poor but may be improved by after-treatment. Most packaged dyes sold for home use are direct dyes.

Type of Direct Dye

Direct Dyes(N.B)

Used for the purpose of dyeing cotton, silk, or viscose, Non-Benzidine Direct Dyes are highly demanded in the market. The dyes provided by us in the market are highly praised in the market for the skin-friendly nature. Easy application and reasonable pricing make it a highly desirable product.

Type of Direct Dye (N.B)

Liquid Dyes

Liquid Dyes that comprise blue, red, green, orange, and yellow colors. They are used for dyeing paper, cotton, coir, nylon, jute, and leather as per the requirements of our patrons.

Type of Liquid Dye