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About us

Indian Dyestuff Industries is a leading different dyes manufacturer and sales company of textile dyes, paper dyes and leather dyes and processes its own capability of R&D, production and providing professional services.

The textile industry has long been known for its significant role in the dye industry. We, at Indian Dyestuff Industries, guarantee that our different dyes compositions are the best, as this determines factors like colorfastness, durability, etc. The Company was established in 2008, and its headquarter is located in Ahmedabad in the Gujarat state of India.


Being a responsible manufacturer and exporter of a huge variety of Dyes for customers in India as well as abroad. Our distribution network is designed to cater to both domestic and international clients.

Our products are exported to over 25 countries around the globe and are available in most of the dye-consuming centers around the world.


Reactive Dye

Reactive dyes utilise chromophores attached to substituents that are capable of reacting directly with the fiber. The covalent bonds of reactive dyes with natural fibers make reactive dye the most permanent dye.

Direct Dye

Direct dye, also called Substantive Dye, any of a class of coloured, water-soluble compounds that have an affinity for fibre and are taken up directly, such as the benzidine derivatives. 

Liquid Dye

Liquid Dyes that comprise of blue, red, green, orange and yellow colours. They are used for dyeing paper, cotton, coir, nylon, jute and leather as per the requirements of our patrons.

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